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School Security

School Security

Please know that we have securitymeasures in place in all of our schools to better ensure the safety of studentsand staff. These security measures have been developed in coordination with theHazlet Township Police Department and comply with New Jersey StateRegulations.   In addition, The Hazlet Township SchoolDistrict regularly reviews our security measures with each principal to ensurethat staff monitoring access to each building is vigilant. Currently, we arealso in discussions with the Board of Education on how to improve thesepractices even further.  The importanceof ensuring that our security procedures are monitored frequently with staff,the local police department and with our administrative team is something thatour district takes extremely seriously. We cannot do this alone and need yoursupport, cooperation and patience when visiting our schools. This will assistus with being successful when implementing our security practices.


Bernard F. Bragen, Jr.

Superintendent of Schools