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 As the Principal of Beers Street School, I am responsible for leading the school in accordance with provisions of New Jersey statutes, the State Department of Education, and Hazlet Board of Education Policy and Administrative Regulations, under the direction and authority of the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Bernard Bragen. Administrators in the district meet two to four times each month to brainstorm, plan, and implement initiatives approved by the Hazlet Board of Education. Each also collaborates with teaching staff to provide professional development opportunities throughout the year.
      While the elementary schools implement the same curricula and adhere to the district mission, each has developed its own culture, community, and special programs. Having a diverse staff and student body has presented an opportunity for Beers Street School to continually challenge conventional thinking on what makes a good education and how people succeed. Our activities--most of which are inspired by creative students, teachers and parents--focus as much on looking inward at our attitudes and beliefs as they do on reaching outward to understand the world beyond our physical and mental borders. We constantly look to challenge ourselves and lead the district in innovative strategies and resources.
Joseph Krouse
Work phone: 732-264-1107 ext. 3002