Hazlet Township Public Schools


Educating our students... to achieve their maximum potential.

 “Those who teach must never cease to learn.” – John Cotton Dana

Professional Development is a core tenant of the Hazlet Township School District. Our staff members participate in numerous professional development workshops throughout the course of the year including two full days, 4 half days and 25 one-hour after school meetings. 


We are proud of our Novice Teacher Academy which includes information sessions for 1st year teachers and their mentors, a portfolio project for 2nd year teachers and extensive action research projects completed and presented by our 3rd year teachers.  Under the new tenure law, 4th year teachers will also become a part of our professional development academy.


Twice a year, staff members can present and attend workshops in our Master Teacher Innovation Lab. On these days, the Hazlet faculty share specific areas of expertise with their colleagues. Presentations include technology integration, classroom best practices, health and safety prevention and practices, and a wide variety of other educational topics which are aligned to our District Mission and Strategic Plan. 


Grade level articulation (horizontal articulation) is a key component to the success of our school district. At least two times per year, grade level teams meet to discuss standards, curricular topics, assessment data and district goals. Building articulation (vertical articulation) occurs during department and faculty meetings throughout the school year. These articulations are all critical in planning appropriate transitions for our students changing schools.


The Professional Academy Board meets as a committee during the school year to discuss the professional development needs of each building and the District as a whole. Past professional development workshops are reviewed and discussed; upcoming professional development days are planned.  


Last Modified on November 25, 2013