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There are many developers that say they have the best websites, apps, and games for your children for recreation and learning.  As a service to the parents of Hazlet Township students, the Department of Curriculum is posting a link to various resources designed to help your children learn and play using the best technologies available to them.
1.  To find parent reviewed websites, games, and apps for your children please click here.  You can choose age, categories, subjects,
      and skills to find the best technologies for your children.  
2.  For a listing of the Best iPads Apps for teachers by category click here.
3.  For a listing of what your children are using in school please click here for an attached list of apps.  Our teachers and staff are
      constantly researching new apps that help our students learn and the list is added to monthly!
4.  Do educational apps enhance your child's learning?  Click here to read an article that gives helpful advice regarding how apps can
      help your children learn.
Last Modified on November 19, 2013