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Parents involved in the referral process, can access a copy of the New Jersey Administrative Code 6A:14 regarding special education along with a booklet entitled "Parental Rights in Special Education" (PRISE) by following the links above . The parental booklet informs you of your rights as a parent with a child going through this legal process.

Children are usually brought to the attention of the Child Study Team (CST) in two different ways:

1. As a result of a referral from Intervention & Referral Services (I&RS) Committee; and

2. As a result of a parental request stating the need for an evaluation.

When a teacher feels that a child is having difficulty in class, scientifically-based interventions, strategies, and assistance are recommended and provided to the student at school through the I&RS Committee.

At this point the CST is not involved.

However, if after receiving these interventions for a reasonable length of time, and the child continues to have difficulty and is not making meaningful academic progress, then the I&RS committee may recommend that a "referral" be made to the CST to determine if the child has an educational disability.

As part of the referral, the CST receives the child's name and a review of the services and strategies that have already been tried by the teacher(s) and other personnel in the school building.

When this referral is made, the district has twenty (20) calendar days from the time in which we received the I&RS's referral or your written request to contact you and schedule a meeting to begin the process.

Other professionals who know the student may also be present including:

Speech/Language Specialist;

Guidance Counselor;

School Nurse; and

Principal or Vice-Principal (if necessary)
Purpose: The purpose of this meeting is to allow the CST to gather information about the current difficulties your child has been experiencing and to determine whether an evaluation by the CST is necessary at this time. 
Timeline Review
Here is a quick overview of the Special Services Process for easy reference based upon the time limit for completing evaluations outlined in NJAC 6A:14.
Day 1
By Day 20
By Day 100
By Day 110
Three(3) years  
CST receives your child's referral
Identification Meeting with the CST
Evaluations complete and report sent home
Eligibility meeting, IEP development and program implementation
Annual Review Meeting
Re-Evaluation process begins


The Intervention and Referral Services Team process is a collaborative school effort between district personnel and parents to intervene when a student has been identified as making minimal academic and/or emotional progress in the regular education setting. The team or committee collects and evaluates relevant data in order to determine or identify specific barriers to student performance. Once these barriers have been identified, individualized interventions are determined and implemented through an action plan in order to alleviate the concerns.

Student monitoring continues throughout this process by the identified individuals in the action plan. This process is ongoing, in that, it continues to identify and evaluate problems, solutions and progress within the student’s academic setting. This process may continue for several weeks to several months.


1. Request for Assistance

2. Information Collection

3. Parent/Guardian Notification and Participation

4. Problem Solving

5. Develop I&RS Action Plan

6. Support, Monitor and Continue the Process

7. Problem resolved or referral to the CST

If the I&RS process exhausts all of the available classroom and school based regular education interventions with minimal success, often, the student is referred to the CST for a comprehensive evaluation in order to gather additional information as well as to determine if the student is eligible for special education and related services. The recommendation for a CST evaluation could come directly from the I&RS team or from the parent at any time during the process.


The team intervention is used when teachers and other school personnel study and creatively problem solve educational issues that place a student at risk for school failure. Using a team approach that also involves parents, carefully considers the needs of students who are identified "at risk" for learning, behavior, and health problems. After careful consideration, strategies are put in place to work with the student and effectively address the issues at hand.
By its nature, intervention is a process. It is often the case that plans are revisited and modified. In most cases, however, a successful intervention plan which is created and shaped over a period of time proves to be a powerful method for the at-risk student.

In some cases, intervention is not successful and a referral for special education is deemed necessary. Even in these cases, the prior period of intervention is valuable. Prior intervention will illustrate that a referral is appropriate (as required by law) and it will help inform the IEP team about strategies that have or have not produced success when it comes time to develop the written IEP. It is important that parents not see interventions as merely a waiting process or a "red tape" step for special education.

The primary purpose of the I&RS team is to identify students in need and then plan and provide appropriate intervention for those students within the general education community; to identify the responsibilities of building staff who participate in the planning and provision of intervention and referral services; to actively involve parents/guardians in the development and implementation of the I&RS plans; to review and assess the effectiveness of the services provided in achieving the outcomes identified in the intervention and referral plan; to provide professional development to general education staff members who either refer student(s) to the I&RS or who assist in providing the intervention and referral services; and, finally, to coordinate the services of community-based social and health agencies.

An I&RS team is one of the many resources used by schools to intervene with learning, behavior and health problems, prior to Child Study Team (CST) evaluation.

Last Modified on February 26, 2016