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SEPAG School Representatives

We are pleased to announce that we now have SEPAG School Representatives at the majority of our schools.


What can a SEPAG School Representative do for you?

SEPAG School Representatives act as parent-to-parent liaisons for current and incoming parents at their respective schools.

  • Do you have a question about Special Education programs and policies?

  • Is your child new to a school, or do you have a child who is about to transition to a new school within our district?

  • Is your child struggling with schoolwork and/or homework, and you want to know if the SEPAG can point you toward resources to help them?

  • Do you suspect that your child may have a learning disability, and you're not sure what steps to take?

If you're not quite ready to reach out to the SEPAG Officers, but you'd like to talk with another parent at your child's school, please feel free to reach out to your SEPAG School Representative.

Your SEPAG School Representative may also attend your school's PTO meetings and make sure that SEPAG events are posted on your school's PTO Facebook page.


Who are the SEPAG School Representatives?

  • Sycamore Drive Early Childhood Learning Center, Preschool & Kindergarten - Jean Cahill

  • Lillian Drive School, Grades 1 through 4 - Kristi Werner

  • Middle Road School, Grades 1 through 4 - Heather Elm

  • Raritan Valley School, Grades 1 through 4 - Kellie Mackiewicz, Nicole Vinciguerra, Kristi Werner

  • Beers Street School, Grades 5/6 - Pauline Vena

  • Cove Road School, Grades 5/6 - Nicole Vinciguerra
  • Hazlet Middle School, Grades 7/8 - Theresa Eckert
  • Raritan High School, Grades 9/12 (Includes students who receive Special Services through age 21) - To Be Determined

How do I contact my SEPAG School Representative?

All SEPAG School Representatives are members of their school's PTO Facebook Group. You can send them a Private Message on Facebook, and if you are not "friends" with them on Facebook, we recommend that you tag them in a post on the PTO's facebook page to let them know that they have a "Message Request" waiting for them.

You can also send an email to HazletSEPAG@gmail.com, and we will connect you to your SEPAG School Representative.

Last Modified on February 1, 2017