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SEPAG Activities and Timeline for the 2014-2015 School Year


September 3, 2014            All Parents were invited to meet our Special Services Administrators,

·   Thomas Toohey, Director of Special Services

·   Mrs. Jacqueline Hafner, Supervisor of Special Services


Two Hazlet parent resources were announced:

·   Special Education Parent Advisory Group (SEPAG)

·   Friends of Different Learners (FDL)


October 23, 2014              Karen Antone of NJ’s Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN NJ) facilitated a training session for SEPAG Members and interested parents

November 12, 2014          SEPAG By-Laws Adopted by SEPAG Members
November 18, 2014          SEPAG Officers Elected by SEPAG Members

November 19-20, 2014     Parent-Only SEPAG Meetings held during school hours and in the evening. Parents shared feedback about their family’s experiences with our current Special Education programs and policies.


November 25 through        SEPAG Members and Parents who participated in the meetings on November 19-20

December 5, 2014             were invited to review a document of collective parent feedback. An open call was also posted on the district’s Special Services page and several Hazlet community facebook pages requesting feedback from all parents on our current Special Education programs and policies.

December 3, 2014             Parent/Student Informational Session held:
                                          College Planning for Students with Disabilities
                                          Featured Speaker:  Dr. Ernest Overson, Director of Disability Services,
                                          Brookdale Community College


December 8, 2014             SEPAG Officers met with Special Services Administrators to review the document of collective parent feedback. Meeting Minutes and Next Steps to be shared with SEPAG Members, and the Meeting Minutes will be publicly posted after the SEPAG Member review.

December 19, 2014           SEPAG Meeting Minutes distributed to contributing parents
January 26, 2015              Informal Parent Gathering scheduled,
                                          Cancelled due to Snow Day - Schools Closed
February 2, 2015              Informal Parent Gathering rescheduled,
                                          Cancelled due to icy road / hazardous driving conditions
February 4, 2015                Informal Parent Gathering and Discussion held at the Hazlet Public Library
February 17, 2015             IEP Parent Workshop Scheduled,
                                           Cancelled due to Snow Day - Schools Closed
February 26, 2015              IEP Parent Workshop, rescheduled and held,
                                           facilitated by Karen Antone of NJ's Statewide Parent Advocacy Network


March 24, 2015                 SEPAG Officers met with Mr. Toohey to follow-up on parent feedback items
                                          discussed on December 8; Meeting minutes published.
May 14, 2015                    Parent Meeting held in the cafeteria at Sycamore Drive ECLC
June 16, 2015                    SEPAG Officer meeting with Mr. Toohey rescheduled to July 17, 2015
July 17, 2015                     SEPAG Officers met with Mr. Toohey to close out the 2014-2015 school year,
                                          and to discuss preliminary goals for the 2015-2016 school year.

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