Hazlet Township Public Schools


Educating our students... to achieve their maximum potential.

Hazlet Township School District

Hazlet Township is a suburban community of approximately 22,000 residents located in Monmouth County in the coastal region of central New Jersey. The school community is a kindergarten through twelfth grade district comprised of approximately 3,300 students enrolled in one early child learning center for preschool and kindergarten, three grade one through four schools, two schools serving students in grades five and six in a departmentalized model, one middle school and one high school. Our entire school community is dedicated to developing the unique abilities of each child; inspiring the achievement of personal excellence, and allowing each child to realize his/her full potential. It is our desire that each student will be inspired to become a lifelong learner and ultimately, productive citizens of our community, State, Country, and the World.

The Hazlet Township Board of Education is committed to creating a democratic learning community that encourages all stakeholders-students, parents, staff, residents, and community organizations to take an active role in the education of our youth.

With this vision in mind, the district is committed to providing our students with optimal school-based learning experiences and affording our teachers significant opportunities for professional development. Workshops that afford sustained professional growth are offered throughout the school year in targeted areas to address curricular changes, State requirements, standards, current educational research on best instructional practices, and global workforce readiness skills.

Each curriculum offering in the Hazlet Township School District is designed to implement the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and includes a scope and sequence aligned with the State standardized assessments. Language Arts Literacy encompasses all areas of communication and fosters a love of writing and literature. Mathematics incorporates an inquiry-based instructional model that emphasizes the importance of concrete understanding of numerical concepts, problem solving skills, abstract reasoning and higher-order thinking skills. Social Studies instruction model citizenship with a study of history in a manner that reflects the personal, cultural and social experiences of our students. Science instruction provides our students with a hands-on, highly motivating inquiry based approach to learning. Technology is integrated throughout all curricular areas and plays a vital role in our District’s vision and mission. The visual and performing arts, physical education, and the District’s extensive extracurricular programs enable our students to display their talents in a variety of settings and enhance their thinking, problem solving and physical skills.

   The Board of Education continues to work diligently with teachers and administrators to develop programs that allow students to excel, while improving safety and maintaining an overall environment that fosters the learning and development of Hazlet’s students. The continued success of the Hazlet Township Public School District is made possible by quality instruction, strong curriculum, talented teachers, committed leadership, and community support.

Last Modified on October 15, 2007